Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad news from Scotland

The proposed Scottish Fisheries Bill could contain a blanket livebait ban, instead of just giving officials powers to ban livebaiting where they claim it is necessary to protect rare species, it emerged today.

The following ammendment has been put before members of the Scottish Parliament's Environment Committee:

"viii Use of live vertebrates as bait

Paragraph 50 of the Policy Memorandum states that the enabling power to specify particular baits and lures (at section 25(5) of the Bill) for freshwater fish would be “considered in the first instance to implement the Executive’s policy of prohibiting the use of live vertebrates as bait throughout Scotland”.

"Some stakeholders have commented that this provision would be better on the face of the Bill. Ministers have an open mind as to whether this policy is better served through primary or secondary legislation and would be prepared to consider an amendment at Stage 2 to make the
prohibition on the use of live vertebrates as bait explicit on the face of the Bill should the Committee recommend it."

The Bill is expected to be debated in Mid-December.

More information in this section of the Scottish Parliament's website.

Details of members of the committee and their e-mail addresses are here.

Our submission regarding the Scottish Fishery Review which was enacted into the bill can be viewed here.