Friday, November 17, 2006

Broads pikers fear the worst

Broads pikers are fearing the worst tonight with the first reports of dead pike being washed up after last weeks salt tides.

Salt surges killed thousands of coarse fish in Norfolks tidal rivers after a North Sea storm drove seawater inland.

Worst-hit was the Thurne around Potter Heigham, where an estimated 50,000 roach and bream were lost.

But today Brundall-based pike guide Charlie Bettell told the Pike and Predators forum dead pike were beginning to appear in the Yare, with carcases seen in the Brundall boatyards, and Yare broads Surlingham and Rockland.

It is believed the fish may have sunk to the bottom after being overcome by the salt and have taken 10 days or so to gas up and float to the surface.