Thursday, November 23, 2006

Win a boat promotion update

PAC membership secretary John Cahill has been deluged with TXTs and e-mails since we launched a new recruitment campaign which gives members the chance to win a boat.

Please check these FAQs through in answer to your questions:
Applications for entry are for NEW members to the club (not 2006 renewals).

Entries will only be permitted from date of the promotions announcement made via Pikelines and this blog on November 21.

Applications only count if they are made on the forms which will shortly be mailed to members, (NOT Paypal).

If the new member wishes to use standing order then a mandate is available via the club website or from the Membership Secretary & must be attached to the completed application form instead of a cheque.

Prize draw entries will be confirmed to the introducing member by Mike Kelly, promotions manager (please allow 28 days for confirmation)

In the event of a disputed entry the chairman of the PAC's decision is final.
The Draw will take place at the 2007 Conference at Stoneleigh on 22nd Sept 2007.