Monday, November 13, 2006

Well knackered after Venacher - chairman

Loch Venacher was the scene for day two of the PAC's privileged access weekend in Scotland.

While the Lake of Menteith had really come on song, producing a rake of 20s topped by Dave Lumb's 29lbs fish the previous day, Venacher wasn't going to give up its secrets as easily.

Just two doubles and a sprinkling of jacks were caught on Sunday. But catching fish isn't the only reason people travel hundreds of miles to fish these events, with the crack and chance to bump into old friends and make new ones as much a part of the PAC's culture.

Chairman Colin Goodge, who stewarded both events, faced a nine-hour drive back to his home in the Cambridgeshire Fens today.

"I'm just a bit tired," he admitted tonight. "But we can say without a doubt it was a successful weekend."

Many paid tribute to special events organiser Mark Skinner, who arranged both events. When severe weather warnings were broadcast on Thursday, he organised a ring-around to advise members.

Any PAC member can apply to fish the club's privileged access events. For the more popular venues, which are usually over-surbscribed, there is a live draw for places at the PAC's annual convention.

For more information on special events, check out the PAC website here.