Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Support our membership drive, urges Mark

PAC secretary Mark Barrett is urging to all members to support the club's new recruitment drive.

As Pikelines lands on the doormats offering a purpose-built pike fishing boat as a prize linked to the campaign, Mark said: "In years to come, pike are going to come under increasing pressure.

"To be able to represent the pike angling world we need to have the force of numbers, because it's numbers that make the people that count sit up and take notice.

"Please get involved in the promotion. Badger your fishing mates to join the club as with more numbers our voice grows louder."

Every time someone recruits a member, using special leaflets which will be sent out shortly, their name gets entered in the draw for a Sea Nymph from CP Boats.

The PAC has teamed up with CP boss and long-standing supporter Chris Parry to offer the 12ft version of the aluminium craft, which will accommodate two anglers and their gear.

Join now and you'll receive Pikelines and have a chance to enter the promotion. The big prize will be drawn at net year's PAC Convention, at Stoneleigh, Warks.