Friday, November 03, 2006

Mystery picture competition winner

Congratulations to Lee Hall, for rightly guessing the mystery picture was a close-up shot of the Creek Chub Pikie lure which landed Roy Lewis's 46lbs 13oz record pike, at Llandegfed Reservoir, in October 1992.

Lee wins a pair of what our press officer calls lucky socks for being the first to guess the significance of the tooth-marked lure.

But don't worry Lee - the four-eyed news machine assures us he hasn't worn them yet.

Roy has recently been in touch with the PAC from his adopted home in New Zealand and an interview for a forthcoming Pikelines looking back at the day he went out for a day's piking and came home a record holder is on the cards.

In the meantime you can marvel at the picture of this historic pike on the PAC website - which is the only place in the whole wide world you can see this awesome fish online, with kind permission from Angling Times.