Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pike cull needed on Ancholme too, claim

Club officials believe a river and a canal in the north-east need a pike cull, according to a local newspaper report.

Two weeks after Bob Nudd stunned predator anglers by claiming pike should be removed from three Midlands rivers, an official from Scunthorpe District Angling Association, who writes a column in the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph, says he supports him.

Beleagured Nudd later claimed he had meant pike should be removed alive and placed in other waters, as anger erupted at his remarks.

Now Tom Wilson, who writes for the Telegraph, says a cull is needed on the River Ancholme and the Keadby Canal, because both have too many pike.

The PAC is today contacting Scunthorpe DAA and sending them copies of Pike in Your Waters.