Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Clubs play vital role in rural economy

Angling clubs play a vital rule in the rural economy, the Western Mail reports today.

But anglers need more support when it comes to addressing the affects of global warming, writes respected commentator Moc Morgan in the Welsh daily.

"People are often unaware of the vital role played by angling clubs in supporting the rural economy," he says.

"Consider what happened in 2001 when rivers in places like Llandeilo and Tregaron were closed off because of the foot and mouth disease. The tourist industry in Wales suffered disastrously as a consequence and the drop in visiting anglers and their families was cited as one of the major reasons for empty hotels and B&Bs.

"I feel that the Welsh Assembly should look to helping the many angling clubs who suffer hard times as a result of “tropical” summers. Basically this is not a problem of their doing – it is directly associated with the global warming phenomenon and the sooner we address the issue the better."

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