Friday, June 08, 2007

We can work together, say FOE

Pike anglers and environmental campaigners can work together to combat pollution and threats to our fisheries.

That was the message from Friends of the Earth campaigner Niall Bakewell, when he addressed a meeting of the PAC's Northern Ireland Region.

Regional Organiser Gordon Nesbitt said: "He gave an interesting talk on the common goals that the PAC and Friends of the Earth can hope to achieve when working together."

FOE has already woked in partnership with Antrim Angling Club to deliver a damning dossier on polluters. Click here.

PAC members are compiling similar evidence concerning incidents on Lough Beg, in Co Londonderry. The evidence will be passed the relevant authorities. Click here.

Gordon told the meeting, at Portadown Town Hall, that it was vital for pike anglers to remain vigilant.

He said incidents should be passed to the EHS/DOE Pollution Hotline 0800 807060, and the following details noted down for future record:

1. Where, when, what, whom.
2. Record suspected cause, if a polluter, try to record or retain evidence eg photos, film, registration numbers/ descriptions, log of activities noted.
3. Record time, date and to whom took your call from the pollution hotline.
4. Record when where, whom you were referred to in the EHS/DOE.
5. Record any follow-up contact, results of investigations, repeat incidents (in the same fashion), or record if initial report has NOT been followed up.

For more information see the RA43 Blog.