Thursday, June 07, 2007

Piking 2007 - tackle giant Fox confirmed

Tackle giant Fox is among traders already confirmed for the PAC's 30th anniversary convention, which already looks set to be the pike fishing event of the year.

Other exhibitors attending the event ar Stoneleigh, Warks, on September 22, include ET, the Friendly Fisherman, The Tackle Shop (Gainsborough), DLST, Zoota Lures, The Pike Shop, Sovereign Superbaits, the launch of Mega Pike - The Return; by Eddie Turner and Jason Davis, CP Boats.

Last but not least, the PAC will be running a full products stand which will include copies of PAC30 - the book being brought out by the club to commemorate its 30th year.

Speakers include Eddie Turner and Jason Davis, Colin Goodge, John Watson and Mick Brown.