Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rutland Water event update

Tickets and event packs for the PAC's event on Rutland Water, on September 24, are on their way.

Special events organiser Mark Skinner said all those who have applied so far had been allotted places and there were still boats available for the event.

"Single applicants have been paired up and members have been paired in such a way that you live as close as possible to your prospective boat partner," Mark said. "This will enable you to may be contact each other and travel to the event together.

"As members now know our events are not just about catching fish, they are about meeting other members and forging friendships."
Unfortunately, we cannot give out phone numbers without your permission as regards to contacting your prospective boat partner,

Mark in this case will be the go between and will get consent from each person before passing on contact numbers.

A raffle will be organised on the day with tackle prizes up for grabs, all proceeds will be going towards our adopted charity CLIC.